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Colombia for such a long time as the global upset child who nobody needed to play with, over the most recent few decades it has played out a frightening turnaround, from medication and murder capital of the planet to an inviting and voyager cordial new-world economy. Our visitor bloggers, a voyaging Australian couple (Fish and Sizzle) from Look What We Done spent a long time investigating this underestimated nation so we request them to pick 20 from the most delightful spots to visit in Columbia… Regardless of the past difficulty, Colombians have regularly appraised the most joyful individuals on the planet. They’re mindful of the standing they have and will make a special effort to show you precisely how misguided your presumptions are. Its scene is as shifted as it is shocking. Finding the muggy, tropical seashores of the Caribbean coast excessive? Head to the cooler, uneven climes of Medellin and Bogota. Or then again maybe singing in the consistent downpour of Popayan would be more your flavor.
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