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As indicated by the January 2019 Visa Restrictions Index, Danish residents can visit 187 nations without a visa or with a visa conceded on appearance.


Danish identifications are given to residents of the Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark) to encourage worldwide travel. Other than filling in as verification of Danish citizenship, they encourage the way toward making sure about help from Danish consular authorities abroad (or other EU departments or Nordic missions[4] in the event that a Danish consular authority is missing).

Various renditions exist for nationals of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands albeit all residents have a similar identity. Danish nationals dwelling in Greenland can pick between the EU-Danish identification and the neighborhood Greenlandic-Danish visa.

Each Danish resident (aside from nationals living in the Faroe Islands) is likewise a resident of the European Union. The visa qualifies its conveyor for opportunity of development in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. For movement inside the Nordic nations no personality documentation is lawfully needed for Nordic residents because of the Nordic Passport Union.


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