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Each Finnish resident is additionally a resident of the European Union.


Finnish identifications are given to nationals of Finland with the end goal of global travel. Beside filling in as evidence of Finnish identity, they encourage the way toward making sure about help from Finnish consular authorities abroad (or other EU departments or Nordic missions on the off chance that a Finnish consular authority is missing).
Finnish travel papers share the normalized design and burgundy-red cover with other EU nations. International IDs are given by the nearby police or by an approved Finnish conciliatory mission abroad.
Men who are under 30 years old and thusly qualified for military help, however have not finished it, might just be given a visa with a termination date up to the last lawful beginning date for culmination of the commitment, which is at 28 years old. Men more established than 30 can get an identification with typical expiry dates paying little heed to the status of fulfillment of the military obligation.
The identification, alongside the public character card considers free privileges of development and home in any of the conditions of the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. For movement inside the Nordic nations no character documentation is lawfully needed for Nordic residents because of the Nordic Passport Union.


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