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With a territory of 1,727,000 square kilometers, Queensland is the second-biggest state in Australia. The greatest is Western Australia. Queensland is almost multiple times the size of Japan, multiple times the size of Great Britain, and over multiple times the size of Texas.
Queensland has five of Australia’s eleven World Natural Heritage regions. These incorporate the Scenic Rim National Parks, Fraser Island, Riversleigh Fossil Fields, the Wet Tropics (counting Daintree National Park), and one of the Wonders of the World—the Great Barrier Reef.
The greater part of Queensland’s populace lives outside the more noteworthy metropolitan zone of Brisbane—an enormous extent contrasted and the remainder of profoundly urbanized Australia.
Around 33% of Queenslanders are travelers or the offspring of transients. Most pioneers in Queensland during the nineteenth century were from Britain and Europe. Lately there has been an expanding number of new pilgrims from South-East Asia. Queensland is home to in excess of 4 million individuals.
The normal greatest and least temperatures for Brisbane are 25.3C and 15.7C. Varieties in different focuses incorporate Stanthorpe 21.6C and 8.8C; Mount Isa 32.4C and 18.3C; and Cairns 31.8C and 22.7C.
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