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Florida, constituent condition of the United States of America. It was conceded as the 27th state in 1845. Florida is the most crowded of the southeastern states and the second most crowded Southern state after Texas. The capital is Tallahassee, situated in the northwestern beg.

Geographic area has been the critical factor in Florida’s long and vivid turn of events, and it clarifies the striking contemporary character of the state. Most of Florida lies on a landmass that juts southeastward from the North American mainland, isolating the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from those of the Gulf of Mexico and highlighting Cuba and the Caribbean Sea past. Florida shares a land fringe with just two different states, both along its northern limit: Georgia (east) and Alabama (west). The closest unfamiliar domain is the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, exactly 50 miles (80 km) toward the east of the state’s southern tip. Florida is the southernmost of the 48 commensurate United States, its northernmost point lying around 100 miles (160 km) farther south than California’s southern fringe. The Florida Keys, a bow of islands that frames the state’s southernmost segment, stretch out to inside around 75 miles (120 km) of the Tropic of Cancer. Florida’s marine shoreline adds up to in excess of 8,400 miles (13,500 km), including approximately 5,100 miles (8,200 km) along the bay; among U.S. states, just Alaska has a more extended coastline.

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