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Iraq is a wonderful nation with a rich history and dynamic culture, possessed by solid, versatile individuals. Unfortunately, only a couple days back, this nation was struck by a 7.3 size tremor, on the Iraq-Iran fringe. Several individuals lost their lives with a huge number more harmed. The ongoing Iraq war and resulting clashes have held the public eye, polluting their view of the country. At Muslim Aid, we are focused on helping the standard individuals of Iraq to begin reconstructing their lives and to change the negative mentalities that are all around very regularly cast over the nation by others. Considering that, we have aggregated some astonishing realities about this delightful nation… In Arabic, ‘Iraq’ signifies ‘profoundly established, all around watered, and ripe’. This name has been being used since before the 6th century. The nation is home to the world’s soonest arrangement of composing, cuneiform content, with attributes including distinctive wedge-formed blemishes on earth tablets. It was imagined by the Sumerians and was first utilized around the 31st century BC. Iraq has two significant waterways – the Tigris and the Euphrates. The area between the waterways, which is known as Mesopotamia, is viewed as probably the most established progress on the planet, close by Ancient Egypt. Islamic conventions demonstrate that Noah’s ark was implicit the Iraqi city of Kufa by the Prophet Nuh (SAW). The capital city, Baghdad, was the biggest multicultural city of the medieval times. Similarly as with many Middle Eastern nations, it is hostile to eat with the left hand in Iraq. The normal notion of fearing dark felines initially started here.

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